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Quattro Select

The wall mounted QuattroSelect system is designed for larger sites, where our lockable dispensing stations can be connected to a water supply.

j-FlexA large range of Diversey TASKI products can be used with QuattroSelect. The concentrate is automatically diluted, providing optimum cleaning capability and control.

Choosing QuattroSelect will improve efficiency with high-speed accurate filling of bottles, buckets and scrubber driers with it’s two flow rates. It provides excellent results in a simple and easy way with precise dilution.

Each QuattroSelect can deliver up to 2500 litres of ready-to-use product with just two pouches – saving on transport, storage and packaging waste, making it the environmentally friendly product of choice, while improving your operational costs. Daily cleaner range is also available with EU-Flower certified concentrates.

How to Use

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Which concentrates are available in QuattroSelect?