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Diversey concentrate platforms explained

QuattroSelect J-Flex Exact SmartDose

Diversey offers four complete concentrate platforms, which combine reliable technology with chemicals sure to deliver performance.

We know that flexibility is important to you, so each of our systems can be used with a wide range of cleaning concentrates for:

  • hard surfaces, including worktops, desks and walls
  • sanitary areas
  • all floor types

All of our concentrated products are suitable for use in spray bottles, buckets and scrubber driers.

Make your move – switch to Diversey concentrates

Our concentrated platforms have been created to provide the best outcome for everyone:

  • clean, hygienic results
  • lower transport and storage costs
  • safe and easy to use, so little staff training required
  • low environmental impact
  • better Cost in Use

The QuattroSelect, J-Flex, Exact and SmartDose systems have all been designed to provide an efficient cleaning platform for all workplaces.

Choose the right system from our concentrate platforms:

  • QuattroSelect – a wall mounted dilution system for larger sites using three or four concentrates
  • J-Flex – a portable dilution system for smaller sites using one or two concentrates
  • Exact – a portable and refillable dosing system for any workplace where water connection is no option which can deliver the lowest possible cost-in-use
  • SmartDose – a highly innovative, portable and convenient dosing system supporting all your daily cleaning needs with EU-Flower certified concentrates